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Annalisa Vinson


I'm a creative soul.

Always have been, always will be. 

I love handmade things and I love the stories they carry.  I like using materials that others might overlook and I really enjoy turning simple supplies into real treasures.

I had the unique privilege of living abroad in my 20's and 30's including Austria, England, Norway and for 16 years in Hong Kong!  Much of my design aesthetic comes from being steeped in different cultures and finding a sense of home in each new space.

During my time in Hong Kong I stumbled into the delightful adventure of building my own little business called Bez & Oho. You'll can still find some of those bags, wallets, treasures and little blue buttons still wandering around bringing smiles. 

(Ask me about the little blue buttons some time.)

Now with this, my new venture, things are a bit more personalized and scaled back. This is me inviting you into my personal studio. Everything is carefully crafted, personalized and made by hand as the different orders come through. And there may or may not be a blue button here or there - we'll see where how that story unfolds.

Although I have my own projects and my own ideas, I also really enjoy working with someone on bringing their vision about. This is especially true when I work with florals for an event.

Commission something special for yourself - or for someone you love! Let's get creative!



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